Is Caregiving Taking Over Your Life? Consider CDPAP

Sandwich generation caregivers are stressed out by caring for their children as well as older family members. It used to be that these people were in their forties. However, as increasing proportions of younger adults care of their older family members, a trend which continued throughout the pandemic, not only the number of caregivers caring for two generations has grown, but their ages span a greater bandwidth.

Sandwich generation caregivers span ages 35 to 64. They include more Gen Z and millennial caregivers now. They are more likely to be working while they provide care.

More than half of family caregivers work either full-time or part-time. And most working family caregivers on average provide care hours that are equivalent to a part-time job.

matching showing burn out from homecare

They are stretched for time and money. Often, they disrupt their careers or leave the labor force entirely to meet full-time caregiving demands of their loved ones. They lose income, social security accruals, and savings. They risk so much long-term and short-term.

On top of that, it’s been challenging to deal with shortages in the care workforce as we saw during the pandemic. As higher-intensity care is needed, your loved one may need more hours but finding the caregivers to do so is tough.

So, what is a sandwich generation member to do?

CDPAP in New York State offers an hourly wage for caring for someone without special training. Your aging parent who qualifies for Medicaid long term care can hire you during your off hours and you can be paid to do what you would be doing anyhow.

The flexibility of setting a schedule that works for both patient and caregiver is perfect for someone with children.  Your partner, for example, can be with the kids on Sundays or at night while you do the caregiving for your frail mother. And you bring home some money. You cannot eliminate the stress of two jobs and two generations. But you can secure help for your loved one and dollars for yourself if your senior and you choose CDPAP. Call Caring Professionals for speedy enrollment and do everyone a favor
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