Holocaust Survivor Services

Care for Holocaust Survivors

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Holocaust survivors in Brooklyn can receive home care and housekeeping services from specially trained companions, in their perferred language. Our care coordinators work closely with family members to support the survivor and his or her unique circumstances, including ongoing contact with family members.

Caring Professionals was founded by a Jewish immigrant, and has been a trusted name in the Jewish community for 25 years. Our specialized services include:

  • Knowledge of kashrut & kosher foods
  • Following of Jewish traditions & holidays
  • Help with post-traumatic stress 

Working With the Community

Care is given in conjunction with the Jewish Community Council of Greater Coney Island. Additional services may include medical and material needs, transportation and others.

Trusted, Experienced Care

With an extensive knowledge of dietary and cultural needs, our caregivers work to ensure proper holiday scheduling, ongoing timeliness and compatibility needs are met.

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