Caring Professionals: Home Care that understands

Over 25 years,

Care for the Community

Our aim is to learn from those we care for to understand and respect their individual needs.

While our company started with humble roots, helping “friends of friends” find care in a language they were comfortable with, our vision has grown to provide these services to all five boroughs of New York City and surrounding counties.

From intake to ongoing care, you can find us at every step of the way. Ask us questions and provide us with feedback so you can feel 100% satisfied with the services we provide.

Our Mission for Mindful Care

Trust and understanding are a part of every interaction. We understand and respect that home care is a personal choice for your family.

CDPAP agency near me in Brooklyn, Queens or the Bronx


From individuals receiving care, to their supportive families, we want everyone to feel that their needs are heard. Be a part of ongoing conversations and feedback to ensure the best experience for everyone. 

CDPAP agency near me in Brooklyn, Queens or the Bronx


We ensure comfort in your home care journey across all languages. Whatever your cultural differences or dietary needs, we are here to safeguard they are followed. 

CDPAP agency near me in Brooklyn, Queens or the Bronx


Home health aides are carefully screened for personal qualities that fit your individual circumstances, including cultural sensitivities, safety concerns, and temperament.

CDPAP agency near me in Brooklyn, Queens or the Bronx


Our 25 years of caring for seniors in New York has given us a unique perspective on what our patients and their loved ones need. Training and experience helps each of our team members better serve you. 

From assistance in filling out forms, follow-up on submissions, call backs and ongoing care, we keep it personal every step of the way.

Ready to Find Your Match?

See the positive difference personalized home health care can make.

Our Approach to Care

In every service we offer, our approach is to keep respect and individual needs at the forefront of what we do.

This means respect and cultural sensitivity to observances, traditions, dietary considerations, living preferences and other needs.

Find Your Fit

We want everyone to have a comfortable, trusting relationship with their caregiver. This is why we match patients and caregivers not only by language, but by personality, interests and common understanding. Each match should work well, not just work out.

Family Support

Accessing services can be confusing and frustrating–from necessary forms and doctor visits, to eligibility requirements. Our team works to mitigate these headaches so that you can spend more time focusing on family.

Care at All Costs

Let us find the best care for your needs and coverage plans. Our clients know they can trust us to expedite applications for fast, quality care from a pool of happy Caring Professionals employees.

Find Care Where You Are

Care can be given in your home, assisted care facility, or rehabilitation center with service in all five boroughs of New York City, Nassau and Westchester counties. From long-term to live-in to hospice care, there isn’t a patient we can’t help.

A Local Need, A Loving Nurse

A community in need leads to a transformation of care.

In 1994, Miriam Sternberg was a hospital nurse in New York City with a growing family. As an immigrant from Moscow, she saw a void in care for many of those aging around her. Miriam and her first team of friends sought to fill that void, and together became the start of Caring Professionals.

Word of mouth about Caring Professionals spread in the Russian-speaking and Slavic communities. Our personal understanding of Eastern European populations, combined with a reputation of quality care, fueled initial growth. It wasn’t long before word spread further, and soon home care was requested for other communities, and in other languages.

Home Care Provider Caring Professionals

We work to support all lifestyles, personal needs and preferences

Caring Professionals now cares for over 5,000 patients within the diverse communities of New York, offering services in over ten languages. We work to support all lifestyles, personal needs, and preferences. Our caregivers are trained to work with seniors, people with disabilities, holocaust survivors, veterans, and more. And we are continually looking for more communities to serve! If you have a language or other need not currently listed, please reach out to us to see how we can help.

The Diverse Communities that Make Us Great

Caring Professionals not only serves these communities, we actively stay engaged in community events. We collaborate with neighborhoods and social service groups to assist with health screenings, food pantries, community activities, and more. We live in these areas, we have loved ones in these areas, and we want to be an active part of keeping seniors in these areas happy and healthy.