CDPAP: More Flexible Employment than You Think

Why CDPAP Home Care Program might be just the flexible job you are looking for

When you think of the word job, you think of rigid scheduling, supervision, and employer controls. There are controls on how long your break is. People and systems are watching your use of the internet at work and cameras abound. It takes time to get used to the policies and procedures, which can feel stifling. You have to fit a round hole of training slots and shifts that may not work with the rest of your life. The tasks you have to perform may be boring and repetitive. You are just a cog in a complex impersonal system. And you have to commute to the job.

You need extra cash but you don’t want to thrust into the straightjacket of corporate systems and rules. Working as a personal assistant in the CDPAP program might be just what you are looking for.

As a caregiver in the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program, you have a lot of flexibility. Yes, you have an employer, usually the patient or the family member in charge, but you can have a say. You work out a schedule that works for you. You put in only as many hours as you wish to work and you are not held to a rigid schedule with no say.

It gets even better. You can work in your neighborhood without commuting. You sign up and get started right away. Your boss is the patient or his designated representative who tells you what has to get done-bathing, medication management, outings, light housekeeping. The rules you have to abide by are pretty simple. Just clock in using the app and clock out when you leave. That’s called electronic visit verification and there is little more paperwork.

That leaves you and your Medicaid long term care patient (it can be a senior or someone with disabilities) to have some fun together as you take care of him or her. You can dance to the music, do crossword puzzles together after morning chores, and engage in fun activities.

young effervescent caregiver pushing their patient in a wheelchair both laughing

Caregiving is not all play and no work. Your senior relies on you. You need to maintain his health and communicate with the family. You do have responsibilities that are outlined in the care plan but you can choose to do them in fun ways so long as your consumer (that’s what we call the patient in the CDPAP program) agrees. That’s why it is called CDPAP for the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program; the consumer directs the work. Getting along with the consumer, doing what s/he wants to get done, and making it enjoyable is the job description.

You’ll find that your flexibility will grow once you have developed a close relationship with your consumer. You’ll understand each other and be sensitive to each other’s needs and wants. You’ll figure out how to motivate him to go outside for a walk and interest him in activities beyond watching television. You’ll want to do crafts together, make scrapbooks as you journey down memory lane together, and make holiday treats together. You’ll take an interest in his family and he will take an interest in yours. He may have wisdom and life experience that you will find helpful.

retirement home care New York

And the best part is, you get paid top dollar for this companionable work with a senior! In most locations in metro New York City, Caring Professionals is paying $20 dollars an hour for flexible scheduling in your neighborhood. That beats fast food chains and retail cashier work.

And you can receive your pay each day through Daily Pay. No waiting for payroll week. Your pay is deposited onto your cash card each day.

Want more information on how to work in the community as a personal assistant in the CDPAP program? Click here

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