Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program

Direct your own care, and choose your own caregiver with CDPAP.

Giving friends or family the opportunity to be paid Personal Assistants comes with additional trust and understanding, and allows these individuals to care for their loved ones. Consumers in this program have more control of their care by hiring someone they know and trust. Consumer are empowered and independent.

  • No special certificates or training needed
  • Flexible, consumer-directed scheduling
  • Siblings, adult children, family or friends can be chosen as the Caregiver(exclusions apply*)
  • CDPAP Assistants earn up to $18/hr
  • Includes Benefits

*Assistant cannot be: 1- Parent of child who is under 21 years of age 2-Spouse of Consumer 3- The Consumer Designated Representative

How to Qualify for CDPAP

Individual eligibility is decided by the Medicaid Managed Long Term Care provider. Caring Professionals’ CDPAP team helps you through the process, starting with paperwork and working with your provider to schedule the necessary home assessments.

Our intake team works to make this application process easy and smooth for your family. There is no need to leave your home or visit outside doctors for this application process.

Don’t have Medicaid? We can help you understand eligibility and requirements for the Medicaid application too.

Ongoing Support

Once eligible, our Caring Professionals team provides continued support. We work diligently to ensure payment schedules are met, and all applicable paperwork is kept organized.

This means timesheets and paychecks are processed through our system, allowing you to focus on what is really important: your family.

Innovation in Action

Learn more about the process to choose a family member or friend as your personal caregiver.

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