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Find a Home Attendant that Speaks Your Language

Find a Home Attendant that Speaks Your Language

See how Caring Professionals has improved the way families understand home health care.

New York City is considered the most linguistically diverse city in the world. Some sources have said that if you counted languages and dialects there are over 600 spoken within the five boroughs. We feel extremely lucky to be part of such a diverse city, especially because language and culture are a key part of our founding mission! 

If you haven’t read the story of our founder Miriam, she’s an amazing woman and nurse who saw a need within her community of  Russian-only speakers, and found a way to support them. Through her network of nursing and health professionals, Miriam worked to provide professional and loving care to aging adults in a language they were most comfortable with. This mission naturally became more than just understanding a person’s spoken language, but also cultural needs, traditions and daily practices. And this is still our mission and focus today.

Another fact about languages in New York: the top spoken languages are Spanish, Creole, Chinese, Russian, Hindi, Hebrew and Yiddish. Caring Professionals has been able to support all of these languages and others through the years, and we continue to look for ways to support the individuals and families we care for and work with.

So, just how do we find a home attendant that speaks your language? It has been our goal to provide service for older adults and people with disabilities in their native language whenever possible. Not only does this help the person requiring service feel more comfortable and able to communicate their needs, it can also help family members to understand the care we are providing to their loved ones. If our website does not currently list a language our clients are comfortable communicating in. we work hard to find team members and home health aides that can provide this. Let us know your needs, we want to help!

That said, we also emphasize with all of our families that empathy and understanding are key to our services. We pride ourselves in providing quality care to elderly adults, people with disabilities, Holocaust surviviors, veterans, and those with specific customs or dietary needs. In all services provided, our teams are trained to be professional, caring and knowledgeable about those they work with and provide services for. If you have any questions about the care we can provide to you or your family, please contact us at any time to discuss your options.



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Faigie Horowitz

Faigie Horowitz, MS serves as director of communication at Caring Professionals. She advocates for the senior population on the state level and writes about senior and caregiver issues. She is a columnist for several periodicals. She has spent decades in nonprofit management and serves as a lay leader and founder of several community organizations.

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