Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program

your family and friends.

Only one person knows what the best home care for you should be. That person is you.

That’s why the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program puts you in total charge of your home care.

Here’s great news. CDPAP — the Consumer Directed Personal Assistant Program, which is funded by New York Medicaid — gives you what you always wanted: The power to run your own home care, which includes having you select who your paid home care provider should be.

Even better, that caregiver can be a close relative — like your daughter, or son, or niece — or a trusted friend or neighbor. It’s all up to you, because that’s the way it should be. And the person you select will be paid by Medicaid for providing the loving care only someone close to you can do.

CDPAP can change everything about your home care for the better.

What CDPAP Means to You.

What It Means to Your Caregiver.

Now you could be closer to being in total control of your home care than you imagine — because Caring Assistants can help you with the entire application process, and beyond.

Imagine the difference this will make in your life, and your happiness.

Am I Eligible?

Is my PA Eligibile?

Caring Assistants will guide you through the CDPAP Process

To most people, the CDPAP application process can seem complicated and time-consuming. But Caring Assistants has the experience and know-how to make the process go smoothly and effortlessly. So all you do is enjoy the many benefits that CDPAP provides you.

Caring Assistants will assure that your home care provider gets paid on time, fully, and receives all the benefits they are entitled to. We’ll also handle all the payments to that provider, as well as filing all the reports and paperwork. And though you can select anyone you want to be your home care provider, we will help make sure the person does meet the program’s basic requirements.

Our decades of experience in the home healthcare profession has shown us the best ways for an individual like you to successfully apply for CDPAP. So everything we’ve learned by helping thousands of others we will put to use to help you.

 As a New York Approved Fiduciary Intermediary, we are approved to help you with not only the application process, but with implementing the entire program for you. The very first step in that is to simply, precisely and fully explain how CDPAP works. And we are here to not only help you get CDPAP, but to get the most from it. Because that’s what you deserve.

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How does CDPAP work?
The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance program allows a Medicaid eligible homecare recipient to choose their own caregivers, schedule (within defined limits), supervise, train and replace the caregivers according to their own needs.

Can Medicaid recipients get CDPAP?
Yes, CDPAP is a program provided to Medicaid consumers. If you do not have Medicaid, but may be eligible, Caring Assistants can help you through the application process.  Contact us

Can Medicare recipients get CDPAP?
No, CDPAP is only available to Medicaid consumers. If you have Medicare, you may be eligible for Medicaid. Caring Assistants can help you through the application process. Contact us

Do I have to be enrolled with a Medicaid Managed Care plan (Medicaid insurance) to receive CDPAP?
Only if s/he is over 21 years of age and qualifies for the program. If you are unsure if you qualify, please Contact us

How do I qualify for CDPAP? You qualify if: Have Medicaid, require Home care, are self-directing or have a designated representative that is willing and able to direct your care.

If the consumer cannot direct their own care, can they still qualify for CDPAP?
Yes, if there is an approved Designated Representative who is ready, willing and able to accept all the responsibilities instead of the consumer.

Who can be a caregiver?
Anyone who the consumer chooses except for their spouse, legal guardian, designated representative or if they were excluded from providing Medicaid services.

Can a spouse take care of their husband or wife?
No, taking care of a spouse is prohibited under the CDPAP program.

Can a parent care of their son or daughter?
Yes, but only if the child is over 21 years of age.

If I am the consumer’s power of attorney (POA) or health care proxy can I be their personal assistant?
Sometimes. Please contact Caring Assistants to see if you can qualify.

Can the personal assistant live with the consumer?
Yes, this arrangement is allowed.

Is special training or certifications needed to be a personal assistant?
No specific training or certificate is required. The consumer hires qualified personal assistants and and trains them to complete the tasks on their plan of care to their own standards and liking.

What are the requirements to become a Personal Assistant?
You will need a medical exam, with a TB test and labs for Rubella & Rubeola to verify your immunity. You will also need your original state ID, original Social Security Card and Direct Deposit information.

How many personal assistants do I need to hire? Enough personal assistants to provide all the care you qualify for. We always encourage consumers to hire backup personal assistants in case the primary ones become temporarily unavailable.


How often is my personal assistant paid? Every Week.

How do personal assistants get paid from CDPAP? Personal Assistants can be paid using direct deposit to a bank account or a paycard provided by Caring Assistants.

How much do employees get paid? Personal assistants can earn up to $18/hour depending on the location and the consumer’s insurance provider.

Are there any employee benefits for personal assistants? Caring Assistants offers several benefits to personal assistants:

  • Paid Time Off – up to seventy hours per year. Hours are calculated based on the number of hours worked,
  • Up to twenty four hours of paid time off for those who qualify for the Domestic Worker’s Bill of Rights,
  • Life insurance to qualified PAs

How many hours of CDPAP do I qualify for? The nurse from your insurance plan (MCO/MLTC) determines how many hours you can be authorized for per week based on your needs.

Can I as the consumer decide my own schedule? Yes, as long as it is consistent with the authorization that your insurance provides.

Is there a maximum number of hours given for CDPAP?  The consumer’s insurance will authorize the number of work hours available.

What areas do you service? 
New York City area: Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Nassau and Westchester Counties. 
Upstate New York: Albany, Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Schenectady, Warren, Washington.

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