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The Best Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

The Best Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Ideas for spending time with your loved ones from a distance.

Mother’s are a big part of our lives, and many of us are wondering how to show our moms that we care this Mother’s day amid social distancing guidelines. One of the best ways to celebrate the mom you love is to spend time with her, but this Mother’s Day there are many of us who are unable to do that in person. Even for those who may be caregivers to their mothers, COVID-19 has lowered visits and increased protective measures to make this new territory for us all. 

With all of the work we do with older adults, one thing is for certain: so many of you care immensely about your moms. And in taking care of your family like our own, we feel that love! Although we are saddened that many families cannot spend personal time with their loved ones, we are lifted by all of the great ideas and technology out there that allows us to still connect and share laughs and love this special Mother’s Day. 

We’ve been thinking about ways to make this day just as special as ever, and we hope some of these ideas can spark special memories in your home. 

Homemade Cards

We may not get to visit our moms this year, but a homemade card can really go the extra step in sending your love. It’s also a great way to show off that new hobby you’ve picked up these last couple of months!

Help with Yardwork

For those that live within a close proximity, but still are keeping a personal distance, doing yard work for your mom can be a great way to show you care. From pulling weeds and trimming, to gifting a new piece of yard art, you can spend time close by while keeping a safe distance. 

Deliver Goodies

This is another fun idea if you live close enough to your mom. Make a contactless delivery drop of your favorite homemade cookies or other treats. You could even decorate their door with paper hearts, balloons or streamers to reveal a mini celebration when they open up. 

Meals at a Distance

For those who can’t visit, you can still enjoy a meal as a family. Include as much family as you can using an online video service. Everyone could prepare as they want or eat the food of their choice–the only rule is you all sit and enjoy your food at the same time. Bon appetit! 

Movie Night In

There are some platforms that allow you to watch movies and chat, but our favorite way is just to watch a movie at the same time while texting your viewing partners. If your whole family joins the action, create a text group so you can chat while you watch. The more the merrier. You could also follow the movie with a video chat to see everyone’s reactions. 

Digital Games

Search online or the apps on your phone that have multiplayer support like Word with Friends.  Some games involve group video chats, but others can be played without that. A major plus to digital games–you can play far beyond Mother’s Day to stay connected even more.

Feel free to share this article with anyone else in your family to help start the conversation. We thank all of you who have let us be part of your mother’s lives. It is an honor to care for and know them. We wish everyone a safe and happy Mother’s Day, however you decide to celebrate.



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Faigie Horowitz, MS serves as director of communication at Caring Professionals. She advocates for the senior population on the state level and writes about senior and caregiver issues. She is a columnist for several periodicals. She has spent decades in nonprofit management and serves as a lay leader and founder of several community organizations.

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