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Mother’s Day in September

Every day is Mother’s Day. This is a saying we often heard from the older generation. Parents need to be appreciated and respected all the time. These are universal values in all cultures and are particularly emphasized in some. The second Sunday in May only became a formal national holiday in 1914 when President Woodrow Wilson declared it officially, but its origins lay in the earlier promotion of Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia in 1907.

Why not surprise your mother (or father) with a celebration at another time of the year? Gladdening her heart with warm expressions of love and appreciation will cheer her and give her delightful memories to recall later.

Bring a festive tablecloth to her home and lay the table with fresh flowers, candles, and nice dishes. Color coordinate the tablescape and put out some of her favorite snacks in attractive serving dishes. Be sure to do this when she is out. Enlist the help of the caregiver. She has developed a relationship with your mother and may have some ideas of her own that will bring delight to the senior. 

If you have taken the time to enlist other family members and gotten Happy Mother’s Day in September cards from them for her, arrange them on the table. Alternately, you can print out a Best Mother (or Father) of the Year Award from a certificate template using Word. Place it in a frame you have around the house and add it to the party scene. You may want to compile an alphabetical listing of her attributes in a decorated paper portfolio.   Balloons add a cheery touch and are easy to arrange. If mom can handle a bit of alcohol, toast her with fancy wine glasses after you’ve broken out the champagne. It’s a celebration!

A cute touch is giving her a crown to wear and making it a themed event. Call her Queen of the Family and pretend to be her servants. Get the male members and kids in on the act and you can have a great time asking her royal highness for permission to pour her a drink, bring her royal slippers, and read the proclamations of her greatness. If she has a sense of humor, you can give her a scepter and have her issue commands to each participant. 

If you need more inspiration for creativity, google around for Mother’s Day ideas. 

If you have special traditions for the traditional Mother’s Day, do them again at this time. You may want to take her out for dinner later that day if that is not too much. Another option is to order in her favorite meal from a restaurant 

Even if you don’t get an enthusiastic response or even a chuckle, keep at it. Maintain the playful, humorous mood and keep going. Play some music, too. It doesn’t have to be more than a half hour of festive distraction, but you have told your mom that you love her and appreciate her. It is a time to express your sentiments, especially in written form, which is forever. Which mother wouldn’t feel good as a result and repeatedly recall the celebration with delight? 

Don’t forget to snap photos and arrange one or two congratulatory phone calls from family. It will add to the atmosphere but make sure not to have too many interruptions. It’s a small party with you and your immediate family members around her. Think of it as akin to an intimate surprise party. 

Presents are not necessary. The gift of surprise, respect, and affection on an ordinary day that you’ve transformed into a celebration of her is priceless. So are the memories. Make sure to make them permanent by ordering a photo book of the occasion. Delegate this one. Teens and young adults love to put photo books together and will do it faster than you will. They will be glad to help if you did the planning and organizing. 

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