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My team and I will be there for you like family. Whether you are a patient or a home health aide or a personal assistant in the CDPAP program or a holocaust survivor, you will be taken care of with respect, sensitivity, and understanding of your needs.

I am in this line of work because I am a caregiver. I am a trained nurse who spent years providing bedside nursing. During the 1990’s, I noticed that my friends and family members who were immigrants from the Former Soviet Union were not getting home care from people who understood them. I gathered some friends and founded Caring Professionals to take care of them with dignity and sensitivity by professional caregivers who spoke their own language.

My commitment to you is the same as to my original group of elderly patients. Our team will provide loving care for people who are interested in your welfare. And we will do it with professionalism as well as with heart. Let me know if we are making good on this commitment. Drop me a line here to tell me how Caring Professionals is taking care of you or your loved one.



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