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How to Find Affordable Home Care

How to Find Affordable Home Care

Learn about the options for home care aides, including affordable options and insurance coverage.

One of the barriers that keep people from seeking in-home care is the unknown cost. Home care is typically a new experience with a lot of unknowns, and one of those is how to pay for it.

The reality is that home care can be a necessity due to health or other circumstances, and everyone deserves to stay safe and healthy. That is why there are multiple options out there to help elderly people and those with disabilities. Paying for a home health aide does not have to be an out-of-pocket expense that breaks the bank.

Private Insurance Options

If you are able to prepare for unforeseen future home care needs, private insurance can be a great option. Although most company’s medical insurance policies do not cover long term healthcare, some companies allow employees to opt in to this additional service as they do other added benefits. 

Like life insurance, the cost for long term healthcare insurance can vary depending on your current age and health situation. This is why it is beneficial to understand this type of insurance earlier in life, so that you can make the best decision for when and if you need to add a policy for yourself or a loved one. 

But what if you are in a position where home health needs came suddenly, or you have been denied coverage for long term care from your private insurance company? It is possible to qualify for Medicaid to cover your long term care based on need and income.

Home Care from Medicaid

Insurance offered through Medicaid provides options that help cover long term care costs. Medicaid’s Home Care program can be a very affordable option, especially if other insurance is not available. 

Medicaid works to provide everyone who needs it with health options that fit their situation. Because of this, insurance through Medicaid can cost different amounts for different people–for some it is offered for free.

Although one qualification for Medicaid is income, you can qualify for other reasons as well. Depending on each state’s specific programs, people with disabilities or additional needs can qualify even if their income is over the traditional Medicaid limits. Not sure if you qualify? Contact us now for help with the process.

You can apply for Medicaid at any time, which is very helpful for home care needs that suddenly arise. If you qualify, Medicaid may also provide coverage retroactively, meaning they may help pay bills you incurred while applying for the program. You can also find more information and links about Medicaid options here.



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