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How Tech can Help your Caregiving in 2024

Embracing Modern Tech in Caregiving: A Guide for 2024

As we step into the new year, consider enhancing your caregiving approach with modern technology. This guide is designed for those caring for elderly loved ones and are adept in using apps, technology, and AI. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or just beginning, these tips can simplify your caregiving responsibilities.

Organizing with Digital Tools

Utilize Google Calendar to manage medical appointments. Share the calendar with elderly loved ones for synchronized reminders.
Employ Siri or another virtual assistant to set reminders for social activities and engagements, ensuring no event is missed.

Streamlining Grocery Shopping

Use apps like Instacart for grocery delivery. Select items based on dietary needs and preferences, and have them delivered directly to the elderly person’s home.
Adopt apps like AnyList to create and manage shopping lists, updating them as needed and sharing with family members.

AI-Assisted Menu Planning

Input dietary restrictions and preferences into ChatGPT to get tailored weekly menu suggestions, aiding in healthy meal preparation. What is left in the fridge, tell ChatGPT, and hey presto, get some delicious meal suggestions. Don’t forget you don’t have to take ChatGPT’s first answer, if you are not happy, briefly explain why, then ask it to try again!

Digital Medication Managemen

Implement Medisafe to track medication schedules, ensuring all medications are taken at the correct times.
Opt for PillPack by Amazon Pharmacy for pre-sorted medication packets, simplifying complex medication regimens.

Caregiver-Specific Apps

Create a community on “Lotsa Helping Hands” to coordinate caregiving tasks, allowing family members to sign up for different responsibilities.
Utilize “Caring Village” to keep family updated on an elderly person’s care, sharing medical information and updates securely.

Efficient Mail Management

Use a virtual assistant to filter and organize email, separating important documents from junk mail.
Implement a digital filing system like Dropbox to store important documents, ensuring easy and secure access.

Health Monitoring Innovations

Provide a smartwatch to monitor vital signs like heart rate and blood pressure, enabling real-time health tracking.
Set up a remote monitoring service for vital sign tracking, offering reassurance for caregivers living far away. One smartwatch can do all these things, and they are kind of fun. Trying to hit your “steps” every day. Watching your heart rate!

Voice-Operated Assistance

Install an Amazon Echo for voice-controlled assistance with tasks, news updates, and emergency calls.
Configure Google Assistant to provide daily reminders for meals and medications, simplifying routines.

Advanced Home Security

Install AI-enabled security cameras for monitoring unusual movements, especially during nighttime.
Set up a home security system with facial recognition to alert of unfamiliar visitors, enhancing safety.

AI-Powered Companionship

Consider getting a robotic pet for companionship. Choose one that responds to touch and interaction, providing a sense of companionship without the care needs of a real pet.

Introduce a virtual chatbot for engagement. Select a bot that can converse on various topics, aiding in cognitive stimulation and reducing feelings of loneliness.

Remember, the key is to align these technological solutions with your senior’s comfort and needs, ensuring a harmonious integration of tech into their daily life. These examples highlight how technology can be practically and effectively integrated into the caregiving process, enhancing the quality of life for both seniors and their caregivers. It should be fund and useful for both of you.

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Faigie Horowitz, MS serves as director of communication at Caring Professionals. She advocates for the senior population on the state level and writes about senior and caregiver issues. She is a columnist for several periodicals. She has spent decades in nonprofit management and serves as a lay leader and founder of several community organizations.

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