Caring Professionals Mourns the Loss of Alexandr Kozochonok

Caring Professionals Mourns the Loss of Alexandr Kozochonok

With broken hearts, we remember Alex who was an instructor of our home health aides and provided in-service training for many years. His warm smile and genuine caring were ever-present, not just for the people he trained and for his colleagues at the company but for everyone he encountered.

We will always remember Alex

An inspired teacher who loved to engage students, Alexandr Kozochonok, began as a home health aide at Caring Professionals upon his arrival in the US in 2003 from Kiev, Ukraine. The family came here for better opportunities for the children. They lived in Brooklyn.

Both Kozochonoks had worked for decades in the medical field back home. Alex needed new training and graduated as a nurse in 2008. His wife was able to transfer her credentials. He loved the company and would say that Caring Professionals was his first employer in the United States and would be his last . And so it was, but it was too soon.

Alex was a devoted grandparent of five and spent most weekends visiting with them and fixing things for his children who are a neurologist and a financial planner.

May his memory be a blessing.



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