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Caring Professionals is the largest family of compassionate, bilingual aides. We tirelessly
invest in matching the perfect caregiver to meet all your needs and wants. So welcome.
You’ve just taken the first step towards renewed health, wellbeing, and independence.


From handholding to hands-on care.

At Caring Professionals, your needs matter: From the start of your application process through the coordination of superior care services. That’s why we staff truly linguistically diverse aides (Russian, Spanish, Polish, Hungarian, Hebrew, Yiddish, Farsi and Creole), and why we accommodate service hours ranging from a few hours per day up to 24-hour live-in care.


Certified and caring Personal Care Aides.

Our extensively trained and deeply compassionate Personal Care Aides aptly respond to every care requirement of aging, infirm or disabled clients. Comprehensive services include bedside care, daily activity assistance, meal planning, meal preparation, mobility assistance, light housekeeping, transportation accompaniment and more.


Certified and caring Home Health Aides.

Our certified, trained, and deeply compassionate Home Health Aides step in to assist ill, immobilized or cognitively impaired clients in their daily life and their social participation. Services include assistance with everyday activities, grocery shopping, meal preparation, laundry, bathing and toilet use, and light housekeeping – all in the comfort of your home.


Available catalog of ancillary services.

Caring Professionals is licensed to provide services in all areas relating to registered nurses; long-term, short-term, and hospice care; physical, occupational, speech, and respiratory therapies; medical social work; physician services; nutritional services; and the provision of durable medical equipment (DME) and related supplies. Inquiries welcome.

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