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8 Things to Know if You are Hiring a PA in the CDPAP Program

8 Things to Know if You are Hiring a PA in the CDPAP Program

You are ready to hire your first PA in the CDPAP Program, we have some advice.

  1. The PA works for the consumer. The consumer or designated representative is the employer and arranges scheduling and tasks to be completed.
  2. The consumer approves daily time sheets through the app. The designated representative approves time sheets weekly.
  3. The PA may accompany the consumer to appointments and outings in the community.
  4. The PA may not clock in and out without providing services.
  5. The PA may not leave the consumer alone or on her own during scheduled hours. S/he must be present for the duration of scheduled hours.
  6. Changes in shifts or schedules must be communicated to the CDPAP coordinator.
  7. The rules for CDPAP and compliance guidelines are formulated by the NYS Department of Health, not Caring Professionals.
  8. Last minute adjustments to payroll cannot be accommodated. If the CDPAP coordinator is informed in time, she may process the schedule changes and adjust the payroll information.

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